App Updates: Ginger Talk

Recently, Ginger Talk had a dependency bug.. So, this bug actually, made the Ginger Talk Android* app stick on android phones with aam7, aarch64. Which basically means that the Ginger Talk android app is compatible only with 32-bit and 64-bit android architectures. So, Android phones with x86 architectures will have an issue to start the… Continue reading App Updates: Ginger Talk

Nibbles HTB Writeup

From: Hackarmour, by: 0xGamer This post contains the walkthru of the Nibbles box from hackthebox. This box has been suggested as OSCP like. We will start with an nmap. Nmap We see that port 80 (Webpage) and port 22 (SSH) are open. Lets visit the webpage. We see a page with only Hello world! written… Continue reading Nibbles HTB Writeup

Reverse Shell Cheatsheet

From: Hackarmour, by: 0xGamer Summary Reverse Shell Awk Bash TCP Bash UDP C Dart Golang Groovy Alternative 1 Groovy Java Alternative 1 Java Alternative 2 Java Lua Ncat Netcat OpenBsd Netcat Traditional NodeJS OpenSSL Perl PHP Powershell Python Ruby Socat War Meterpreter Shell Windows Staged reverse TCP Windows Stageless reverse TCP Linux Staged reverse TCP… Continue reading Reverse Shell Cheatsheet