How To Identify A Fake Email?

5 Ways of Spotting Fake Emails

This Blog Post is for you to know how to spot a Fake Email and Stay Safe from Threats.

Spelling And Grammar Errors

If the Email you received contains clear spelling or grammatical errors it means that the email is not from a legitimate companies and it would be best to Delete the email.

Emails from Legitimate Companies are normally proof read extensively before sending to a user.

High Urgency or Threats

These type of fake mails creates a high sense of urgency or threatens consequences for inaction.


PayPal phishing email
PayPal phishing email

In the above example note that this is a Fake Email. The Urgency is 24 Hours which means that the company is saying to click the link and enter credentials to open it. This is a type of Phishing Attack. We had explained Phishing as a Hacking Technique in Methods of Social Media Hacking Post.

The First Line : “You have to Solve the Problem” shows that the email is not from a legitimate Company because normally companies do not use Informal Language.

Fake Address or Web Links

The senders displayed name and email address do not match the purported company the email represents, or the link redirects you to another website which is not associated with the purported company.

No Personalisation

The email contains generic salutation and lacks any contact Information for the recipient to use if they have questions.

This means that the email you received doesn’t have contact details(mobile, email) to directly contact the company. If you look at the previous example, the salutation was “Hello PayPal Customer” which is fake as it should clearly indicate your name such as “Hello, SRK”

Requests Personal Information

These type of fake emails ask you to follow the link and requests personal information like credit card number and passwords etc.

Thank You and Stay Safe from Fake Emails!

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